Cloth bag with the LitHOS brand image printed on it.





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Brand Identity


University of Évora

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Art Direction
Brand Identity

LITHOS - Laboratório de Inovação e Pólo Tecnológico da Pedra Natural is a laboratory infrastructure of the University of Évora, which acts as a dynamic interface for knowledge between the scientific community and the natural stone value chain.

LITHOS acts as a dynamic knowledge interface between the scientific community and the industry and value chain of natural stone, providing services of applied research, testing & analysis, consulting, inspection and training in the fields of natural stone.

Being ornamental stone the central theme of the identity, I developed a geometric shape with a strong three-dimensional component that represents stone blocks aligned in a balanced way as stone blocks removed from quarries and post-applied in the most varied contexts. I chose and worked a solid typeface for the brand name that reflects the strength and stability associated with the stone and added creased angles to the letters that complements the symbol and the letters.

The precise geometric shapes that build the logo visually communicate the personality of the brand, it was thought to transmit robustness, strength and dimension. The end result can adapt to various media without losing impact, clarity and scalability.

LITHOS logo icon design process LITHOS logo typography design process LITHOS logo icon and typography Logo LITHOS with two-tone primary colour and concrete blocks. LITHOS personan cards. LITHOS Stationary with envelope sheet a4 and folder. Personal cards on marble block. LITHOS color palette and identifcation card. Work helmet with LITHOS logo Bottle with LITHOS logo and building detail. Smartphone with LITHOS website under concrete blocks