Desktop with HERCULES Lab website under concrete block.

HERCULES Laboratory




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University of Évora

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Art Direction
UX Design
UI Design
Design System

HERCULES Laboratory is a research infrastructure from University of Évora, devoted to the study and valorisation of cultural heritage, focusing on the integration of physical and material sciences methodologies and tools in interdisciplinary approaches.

In this work I redesigned the entire visual presentation of the laboratory on the internet to reflect its progress over the years. Furthermore, it was essential to transfer and organise all the existing content and combine it into an efficient user experience.

As the laboratory's mission is the scientific study of artistic heritage, I created a graphic language that highlights innovation and, at the same time, the cultural objects studied. I created a simple, minimalist language that helps to highlight the work carried out by the laboratory.

HERCULES Lab homepage on web browser and mobile. HERCULES Lab design system with color pallete, typography and grids. Wireframe computer screen and high fidelity screen in comparison.
Mobile screen on smartphone from services page.
Mobile screen on smartphone from the publications section.
Mobile screen on smartphone from the publications section.